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The event, spread out through the city’s dealerships, brought a model tried elsewhere to one of the sector’s major capitals.

6/7/2021 10:53:14 AM
Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo (Maxxi)

Twelve years after a powerful earthquake devastated L’Aquila, in central Italy, the building’s inauguration is a sign of recovery. But there is still work to do.

6/7/2021 8:30:48 AM

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, opening in September, has redesigned its galleries amid social movements like Black Lives Matter.

6/6/2021 9:01:44 AM

Experts are examining a watercolor found in an antiques shop that may be a rare work by Edmund Walpole Brooke, who painted with van Gogh during his final months.

6/4/2021 10:25:01 PM

Throughout the South, fluid new museums serve as memorial markers too. Greenwood Rising follows a neighborhood’s history into the present.

6/4/2021 10:20:05 PM

Out: the Metro and the Seine. In: the PATH and the Hudson. The Pompidou Center plans to open its first North American satellite museum in a renovated industrial building.

6/4/2021 8:18:47 AM

Murakami explains that artists like himself “have been hugely influenced by art brut artists,” as some 200 works by art brut and outsider artists are about to go on display.

6/4/2021 9:48:23 AM

A new exhibition in Amsterdam reconstructs personal histories to confront the Netherlands’ extensive and little-discussed involvement in the international trade of enslaved people during the colonial era.

6/7/2021 9:55:11 AM

As the center moves beyond the pandemic, Bivins plans to add more items reflecting the African diaspora and make those materials more accessible.

6/4/2021 2:05:45 PM
Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

Towers with sections that extend into the open air seem to defy gravity. Here are a few ways architects and engineers make it happen.

6/4/2021 4:02:03 AM